Sunday, August 12, 2012

Will you survive Egypt?

You will survive Egypt, don't you worry. The only thing that you have to worry is that will you make the best out of Egypt. That you must put in mind. I'm not the best guy to give life advices and survival tips right now, as I'm struggling myself to make sure that when I leave Egypt in two years time, I've completed all the goals that I planned to achieve, which is far than 40% completed. But I gave you guys  something deep from my heart, so that you'll open your eyes to all the opportunities infront of you.

I had the chance to get to know some of you, from the 400 plus individuals arriving in Egypt this september scattered around from Cairo to Zaqaziq. One thing for sure, you're optimistic and excited, just like myself four years ago. Little that I know, after one year the spirit will run down, and you'll have this realization of freedom, which you never had before, and any wrong decisions that you make along the way will lead you to the deepest and darkest hole which is very hard to escape from. I'm not kidding.

You need to be persistent, active, and brave. Not scared, weak, and slow. I would really like to blame the education system for producing such quality of students, but the one who should really be blamed is no other than ourselves.

Egypt will bring you to your knees, definitely. But you will stand up again stronger than before, that is why it is the best place for you to build your character, to develop the best in you, to become passionate, focus and relentless in the pursuit of Islam, Medicine, and life.  

I'm not worried, even though most of you still have problems with rubu3 and noos genih. But who else is the better teacher than experience. You will one day be the master of arabic, talking your way through discounts and free gifts, out from deceptions and lies. 

You are the future of Islam. The future of mankind. Do not waste the opportunity given to you and only you. This advice is for me.

Stand up strong. Held your head up. Run faster.

We will survive. 


  1. rubu3 ngan noos genih tu benda apa?

    1. rubu' dengan noos tuh slang untuk 25 sen and 50 sen macam Arham cakap :D
      lama hang hilang baili dari blogsphere. private rupanya yeh?

    2. ok...noted..kut2 aku sampai mesir ke lps ni..haha..
      aku hilang x rugi pun...aku bkn post n=benda2 penting pun

  2. Terbaik Kucai! Rubu' genih tu maksud dia 25 sen, noos tu 50 sen.

    1. nasihat orang tua kan. haha. aku rasa kita semua rasa macam ni :D

      best gila weyh tengok pos bersih haritu! kecewa mendadak jugak arh tak dapat pergi.