Friday, April 4, 2014


will you bear,
all the eyes,
staring upon you,

like stars and the air,
some of them flickers,
while some are shadows to you,

will you be?
someone you always hope to,
or be the person that society had molded for you,

will you be?
that person you really want to,
as the figure you dreamt of have no value.

will you?

Saturday, March 29, 2014


Duhai pencinta dunia,
indah bukan?
pandangan mempersona,
bahagia bukan?
angin menyapa,
jiwa bergetar, mahu melonjak ke sana,
seketika atau selamanya.

Duhai pencinta dunia,
berdosakah kita?
jika kita mencintai detik indah,
butir pasir yang mencorakkan madah,

berdosakah kita?
duhai pencinta dunia?

pasti indah jika kutemui pencipta dunia.
jujur memuji, indah dunia-Nya.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Post Retro #1: A story of a heart, snail and a carrot twin

Posted on 15 March 2009, old blog.

disclaimer: this is not a scientific article nor a medical note, it is merely the writers imagination when he looked at his notes while studying during a major sleepy phase. so he tries to scribble anything that could go out about this particular subject;
embryology-featal heart development.


the story starts when a snail named alb (not the real name) discovers that he has a special gift, he could bend his body parts and do some incredible acrobatic stunts!

he realises his ability since he was 23 days old!
but as he goes older, his body shape became fixed,
first was his head and bottom,
it became shaped like a snail head but with legs,
his friends always tease him as he look weird,
they called him 'cephalic head!cephalic head!'
'caudal tail!caudal tail!'

so days passed, alb became lonely, but as days goes by, he accidently developed many other depressions on his body, and because he doesent have any friends, his body parts was his only friends, so he named them all, the upper part which is nearest to his head was named trunchus arteriosus, next was bulbus cordis, then primitive ventricle and his twin, atrium and lastly sinus venosus.

as alb became happy with his imaginary friends, he started to do many incredible acrobatic stunts, he first start to make a u-shape with his body, then a s-shape, and by time, he was stuck because as he grows older, his shape became fixed!

alb was not happy because his friends was stuck with him too, so he wished that his friends will develop into a new life form so that he could play together again.

first was sinus venosus which transformed into an octopus!
he develops three important tentacles which alb named them with vitelline vein, umbilical vein and common cardinal vein. unfortunately because of his appetite for liver that he likes to eat with his right horn, his right became larger than the left.

then was the twins which develop into a carrot!
as they grew older, they became obsessed with body accessories, first they wore a pair of earrings named ventral and dorsal, then they decided to wear a chocolate tiara!(septum premium) which eventually closes his forhead (foramen premium) when it melted. so they decided to wear another one, a crest shaped tiara (septum secundum).

seeing his twin atrium trying to be beautiful, ventricle became envious. so he put up some muscle to make sure he looks tough to pump all the chicks blood, so his muscular part grew larger, upwards while his membranous part become smooth, as he know girls like a guy with a smooth heart but rough on the surface (musculi pectinati, papilary muscle)

and so alb became intact with bulbus cordis and truncus arteriosus which put on a pair of paddings on their leg and wore a spiral bulbar ridges. then attach itself with the ventricle (aorta and pulmunary trunk)


well, i ran out of stupid ideas at the end..hehehe
overall, this was an analogy of how our heart develops when we were three weeks old after gestation. hope it somehow provide some help for those with the exams!

Monday, August 5, 2013


kalau Ramadhan ni macam study break,
aku rasa aku lah budak yang study last minute tu.

Kalau Syawal ni permulaan exam yang akan berlangsung selama 11 bulan,
aku tak tahu lah aku boleh cemerlang tak exam kali ni.

Study break dah nak habis ni, aku rasa cara aku study tak tersusun, tak ada stratergi, tak efektif.

Habislah aku exam kali ni. Habis.

Monday, June 17, 2013


One day, if my son ever asked me,
"Father, will I be able to fly high? up above the sky?"

My answer is yes, son. Yes you can. Everything under the sky is for you to venture. You can definitely fly, but sometimes looking at things closely is better than viewing it from afar up high in the sky. You can fly, but you must also first crawl, walk, run, and swim with the people around you, and when the time comes for you to spread your wings, I ask you to remember one thing; life is not about living alone. Thus, you can try to drag people around you and carry them flying with you, but you'll end up flying low and slow. Teach them how to fly instead, so that you can fly with them,

high up above the sky.

One day, if my daughter ever asked me,
"Father, will I be able to have all the sweets in the world?"

My answer is yes sweetie. Because you're already the sweetest thing in the whole wide world. Sweetness is something you will always look for when your days are gloomy, it is something precious, something rare, for your heart to feel, and Im sure people around you will find it hard to find it too. Thus my daughter, be that sweet little girl you always are, and share that sweetness with the people around you. Something good in abundance will always make you sick, but just that right amount will make you happy and cheerful, strong and beautiful,

just like your mother.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Dan aku celik mata,
saat mentari datang menyapa,
namun urat tunjang terasa berat,
kaki mengigil lemah, tangan bagai terikat,

dan minda pun berkata;
"mungkin hari ni, aku kekal begini saja, statik"

-"hah pandailah statik ke spastik ke, dah malas pergi kelas tu, mengaku je lah!"
tengking kheyr pada khusyeir dalam ruang minda jasad yang sama.

Dissociative identity disorder.

-"Aku nak pergi masak shawerma instant-lah, lapar" kata khuir penuh semangat. Jasad pun bangkit dan melompat riang ke dapur.