Wednesday, September 22, 2010

"I search halal, I am halal"

I remembered the time while I was on a trip to London last year, going on board Eurostar Train from Gare du Nord, Paris to King's Cross, London. Obviously the food that they serve on board were non-halal, even the seafood dish was served with wine. We knew about it because there was a thoughtful attendant, which later on we discovered was a French Muslim, told us about it, as he sees my mom and my sister were wearing hijab. So my family kind of decided not to eat until we arrived at London and go on search for any Lebanese kebab restaurant around Bayswater Road where we stayed (which was amazing!).     

Maybe the attendant felt that it was rude to leave us drinking only mineral water while the other passengers enjoyed their lunch, the thoughtful attendant came into rescue one more time, offering us vegetarian sandwiches served with french cheese. Which I was the only one who ate it all as my family didn't like it. They call me 'hantu cheese' for a reason you know.

This was a simple story , showing how us, Muslims, tried our best to tolerate with the environment and achieve our goal in doing (eating) whats halal and whats not. We even tried our best to drink halal, work halal, live halal and even have a halal LOVE with our soul mate. Although there were voices saying how halal meat were conducted in an inhumane and disgusting manner (read the comment section), we know our facts, and we believe in it.

But now, we have an option to take another step forward in living a halal life. We do our search in the internet by using a halal search engine! thats right! Imhalal - join the revolution. I search halal, I am halal!.

Imhalal was developed by a Dutch company on September 2009 with the idea of providing us, Muslim internet users with relevant search results. And today, it is ranked as one of the top search engines in Pakistan, Netherlands, Canada and the United States. And their percentage of internet users using their site increased by 160% on September 2010 alone (Alexa stats).  

Yes, by putting google as a benchmark. Imhalal have a long way to go in terms of services and popularity among internet users. So this is where we come and step in!

Among the great features of Imhalal is how they filter search results from irrelevant sites. I actually did some experiment and compared search results with google and it was amazing in terms of filtering dangerous sites. Yeah I did use a lot of nasty keywords, so it's proven! You know how little kids may have access to the internet easily nowdays, by using this search engine, parents and teachers have more control on their children's internet activity (pornography and sorts).     

Even the option in doing a keyword search for contents in the Quran is an amazing feature!
So, does this have to wait? visit and make it your homepage. Promote it, tell people about it, tweet it, facebook it, and most importantly, USE it! I search halal, I am halal!

Maybe in a few months they'll have a search result for my name like google did. I'm just saying. 

Gambar selingan dari lagu ketika cinta bertasbih

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