Sunday, September 5, 2010

10 things you need to remember before hiking up Broga Hill

1. Wear appropriate shoes, do not underestimate a hill which is situated at Semenyih, assuming it wont be challenging. We will never know if it's going to rain, and if it does, mudslide. 

Not saying that Crocs are ugly, but it will be slippery.

2. Bring an extra of everything, as we said earlier, we do not know for sure what could happen up there. Extra t-shirt, trousers, boxers, flip-flops, everything. I was involved in a mud-slide while I was there, and it ended with a new pair of tracksuit and a flip-flop bought at Warta. My friends went to buy some flip flops barefooted raising eyebrows everywhere. Coolest thing ever.  

3. If you're fasting, like we did. Remember to eat plenty of Kurma during sahur and get yourself hydrated. If not, we will sure have a shaky knee during the descend, and it wont be pleasant.

4. The climb wont be easy near the top, so make sure to put your team-player hat on! help your friends, do it as a group. You'll be proud of yourself when its over.

5. Remember to open your eyes as big as you can during the hike. Do not whine here and there like I did. The view from up there was spectacular. It reminds us of who we are.

6. I almost fainted halfway. Just don't give up. Its worth it.

7. If you cant go on anymore, take a break, and take some pictures. That will definitely do the trick.

 8. If you fall down, slipped or even tersungkur. Get yourself up again. Its not a matter of how hard you fall, but its how you pick up the pieces and get up again. (ayat motivasi)

9. Always be careful, bring a first aid kid for emergency. Be focus and don't let your mind fly away. If not, you'll end up flying too.

10. Just do not try to do, what he did in the picture above, when you're up there! 

You can read the official report on JOM! broga at Journeyofmedichood's official website

Plus, I did a quick editing from an one hour and a half of clip videos recorded from my little cute xacti, and here's the result!

More pictures of our hike at broga hill, semenyih right here!

JOM! Broga - 13 Ramadhan 1431h