Monday, July 5, 2010

day #4 - everyday is Father's day

This was actually way way back, Father's day did fell on the day before the result came-out. And because I was so nervous about it, I couldn't get anything done. Including posting this picture, where I used some marker pens and wrote I Love Dad on my palm which is very ticklish and then holding my camera on the other hand trying to get the focus right. Only by then I actually realize that my camera was really really heavy. It was suppose to be a picture used by people who googled 'fathers day' or ' i love dad' for them to send it to their dad for fathers day, but the pre-result anticipation did screw me up a bit. So, be free to use the picture for next year!

and right after the results, we terminated our broadband account which left us with no connection for the rest of the days in Egypt, and because I was too busy conquering the world in Anno 1404, I decided to continue counting the summer days again once I got home.

I may do an  'I Love You' version of it later on.