Sunday, June 20, 2010

day #3 - the rubber ball day

I spent unknown amount of hours twisting and pulling a packet of rubber to make this, it gives me a certain feeling of ecstasy when I could focus on something other than the world. I spent my whole day trying to make it bigger and bigger, even when my fingers start to hurt. 

That explains my commitment issues. I tend to open myself to objects rather than people.

Neh, so much for the dramatic relationship problem confession. I'm just trying to make sense on why pulling and twisting rubber and making it into a ball is so addictive. It's true, so don't ever try it.

In the end, it came-out as a very interesting photography subject. Well, at least it contributes to something!   

I didn't actually spent my whole day twisting rubbers you know. I did actually complete my editing work! At least I'm being active and productive during the whole 'do-what-ever-you-want' period. 

and lastly, I forgot to mention that my day #2 photo was taken by Ilmi while we were at Cairo last few days. He is also doing the 101 days of summer project, so do check him out, plus Auni too, and you too maybe?

click the banner above to read my previous post for this project, and for sure, I'll add up some more rubber balls and voodoo dolls pictures at kosharyphotos. Do check them out if you like the voodoo doll picture above! 

It's Ilmi's voodoo doll by the way. Cute right?  =D