Wednesday, July 14, 2010

day #5- arrival day

Maybe Gulf Air ran out of budget, so they gave us the most awful flight they have on their fleet. The thing about getting back home is, each and everytime we landed home, it takes time to tune back to normal. The faces, the language, the calmness of the highways, the green trees, the rain, the foods, but it's no biggy.

The electronic passport check always make us Malaysians look cool at the airport. Foreigners had to line up to get their passport chopped here and there while we just go through the cool looking passport scanner that always have problem reading my fingerprint. 

Once it started to rain, with thunder and lightning. I got scared. No wonder there was a story that an Arab tourist got scared and cried that its the end of the world when the common tropical Malaysian storm was starting to burst with loud thunder and flashing lightning. I feel you sadiq.  

Its a ritual. Everytime I landed at KLIA, I'll go the the food court and got myself a real Malaysian-made roti canai and teh tarik. Although teh tarik at the GMN restaurant in Mansoura, Egypt taste better, it still misses that home-factor. I do personally believe that most Malaysian couldnt live without them.

I somehow miss the lets party honk honk that they have in Egypt, it's kind of different, when I drove through Klang and it feels calm, when no one was honking, the motorcycles arent playing kindergarten songs as a replace for honking, the lorries didnt have this loud, fading funny sound, and most of all, no loud Arab songs and honking in front of the house in the middle of the night.

All in all, it feels good to be home. 

I bought the shirt just so I could take a picture with it. Was suppose to wear it while travelling home but I figured its too much for my family to handle, so I just took a picture right after that. 3 more photos of the same shirt here at kosharyphotos