Tuesday, June 15, 2010

101 Days of Summer [a photo-blogging project]:day #1

101 Days of Summer: Introduction

Based on experience, summer break will be one of the most unproductive time ever existed in my life. Because there will be no such thing as anatomy during this time, I'll keep myself a little occupied by participating in this project which requires me to post one picture per day for 101 days, just enough until the new semester starts. 

The difference between this project, and the photos that i will also post at my dailybooth counter at the bottom of this page is the photos will be in a better quality and describing what i feel or think on that particular day, while my dailybooth photos are just from my webcam with random pictures of what I did that day.

Original idea of this project is from illmie and you can read some guidelines at his blog, and if you think that you're getting bored by doing nothing, join us! 
I do think I can finish this project though, I really do. So, minus this photo, there will be 100 more to go! (just realize that 100 is a huge number)

and because this blog could not support full-resolution pictures, I'll be posting it at kosharyphotos too for better viewing, plus some other interesting random pictures. 

101 Days of Summer: Day #1

15th June 2010, is officially the second day after the horrifying exam week, and I realize that I woke-up in the morning with a better spirit than the normal routine morning-PBL-lectures mood. 
Picture: a post-it note on a board  at my room written with all structures that pass through every foramen from the skull. 

see you tomorrow!