Thursday, May 6, 2010

when I grow up, I wanna be famous?

not really actually.

As a medical student, especially during my pre-clinical years right now, which I only spend couple of hours a week at the hospital for a practical session, going from the neurology department, to ophthalmology, to ENT, which only results in me myself remembering the experience of facing death rather than how to treat patients. It made me ponder, which specialty should I go too later on?

It's hard to decide yet, as any decision that I make now will eventually change as I don't really know how each specialty works until my clinical rotation next year (ohhyea!surgery!). But, just to get things spice-up a bit, having a long-term goal do have some motivational advantages, as what Dr. Soheir said while ending her lecture just now. so, which specialty suits you?

This picture chart was taken from Kendra Campbell's blog at Medscape, One of my favorite most easy-going medical student (and now officially a doctor) I've ever known.

Based on the chart, yes, the two specialty that I have in mind is under the crazy label; psychiatry and emergency medicine.  I do thinks it suits me though. Going up on stage singing a medical parody with lyrics that says "what the fuck is public health" in front of Dr. Said and the whole medical community does put me on the crazy side. Now, everyone calls me the 'fucking public health guy'.

But, just to make sure, I did the University of Virginia's Specialty Aptitude Test, and here are the results!
To be frank, It's not what I expect. No, I don't have interest in any of the top three results. Especially radiation oncology. No. But it's interesting to know that my reaction to the test was more common with doctor's in these fields.
From the top ten, only number 8 excites me more than other specialties, with 3 marks difference from radiation oncology. General surgery would go into consideration.

And there it is, emergency medicine scores at 20, with only 4 points from radiation oncology. with psychiatry at number 34. 

conclusion. I'll wait until I've completed my clinical rotation to decide. But for the time being, handling a trauma patient, fast and relax, is my ultimate goal.

If you're going to do the test after this, do drop by some comments sharing your top three results mmkay!
do your test here!


  1. I got radiology first! tapi aku nak family practice the most tapi tu yg almost the bottom one. GAH!

  2. @dora
    most of us got radiology on the top list!hahah.
    ilmi said maybe because we 'super agreed' with the gadgets questions.did you?

    it's just a test, xpa2. (sedapkan hati). my emergency med pun dh bawah2.=p

  3. ye ke? ada kena mengena ek kalau jawab strongly agree to the gadgets questions to radiology? hahaha.

    tapi radiology pun one of my options gak. tapi ada org kate boleh high for mandul. =.= noooo. tapi not sure sgt lah.

  4. heheh,maybe kot.logic gak arh.

    radiology sounds cool actually,(minus the mandul part), but wut does radiologist do actually?=D,
    yg aku ni confident cakap radiology mush quwayyis, research enggak. duluh!