Wednesday, May 5, 2010

cairo trip (29/4/2010)

This is some of the few shots that I've edited just in a couple of hours from our Cairo trip last week. Unfortunately, right after we arrive at Ramses station, Cairo, my little cute xacti went out of battery, showing that annoying 'battery depleted' display over and over again. So, this video only shows certain beautiful places in Mansoura as there is not enough shots at cairo to be complied with. There will be a part two of the journey, well, I hope so! as my record of promising new videos had never been fulfilled (yet).

and yeah, I've added up some new photos at my photoblog, you can check it out by clicking on the sidebar link or just click the banner below. It will take you to a cool place!=)

now, lets go to cerebellum.
click the 'quwayyis' box below if you like the ending of the video!

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