Friday, May 7, 2010

Having problems with neurotransmitter lectures?

Here's something to cheer you up!

written and performed by charlie mcdonnell, you can get the full lyrics by visiting his blog.
This may be one of my favorite part of the song;

Dopamine, dopamine
It’s a catecholamine neurotransmitter
Which means it sends a message in your brain
To tell you that you think that girl you’re looking at is fitter
to make offspring with than any other dame
And when she looks at me, yes I can feel it beating
I can tell from the shortness of my breath
That my body has reacted to our wandering eyes meeting
And the high I’m on’s comparable to Meth

But methamphetamine’s a drug of which I’m clean
Though I can’t say the same of dopamine

It's great to take the edge off a bit. It made physiology!

I do believe pumping a little entertainment in studying could bring a big effect in the duration or quality of the new informations that we tried to understand or memorize, therefore, here's a simple list that I've gathered on how to make studying more fun!

  1. While doing your notes, draw a simple cartoon beside the notes that you're writing. Lets say I'm studying about how parkinson causes parkinsonian gait, I tried to draw a stick-man(the only thing that I can draw) that shows how the postural position looks like and lines to demonstrate dragging gait. (I'll show a picture later). By doing this, we're using different parts of the brain and by that, improving our memory!
  2. Make a story! sometimes certain biological processes may be hard, we can do two things by that, either create a story which have plots and endings, or either put it in simple interesting mnemonics. I did it once when I hate the embryological development of the heart so much, so I created a story about snail and a carrot twin! (I'll repost this story). Or, create an interesting mnemonics that brings out a story, like these cranial nerves mnemonics! which, some of them are totally easy to memorize for us who's with testosterone.  
  3. Do a sing-along!, I've never tried it though, as my voice didn't actually create a harmony that stimulates the mind. But, some articles did mention putting facts into rhyme and rhythm could boost our memory. If you could do it, scribble some short lyrics about the facts (like the song above) and do a sing it out loud! 
Theres a lot more, but here's 3, which we could try to do. But either way, I do believe serious reading and understanding is the crucial part in studying. Adapt different methods like those above so that we dont get stress out. studying is always fun! even medicine!