Thursday, April 22, 2010

reminding love: a tiny project

Living in Egypt for the past couple of years did actually remind me of something. People here eat a lot of junk foods and drink lots and lots of carbonated drinks, which is actually much more cheaper and reasonable for the poor to buy, instead of spending more money on mineral water which they could easily get from the "Egyptian style" water cooler along the road. As a result, on the streets, you could see rubbish everywhere. Literally, everywhere.

Therefore, inspired by thingsweforget, I decided to actually do a tiny little simple project today. In the spirit of supporting the Earth Day, (which is today by the way 22,April) I posted 5 post-it-notes around Mansoura to promote the Earth Day's message. Although at first, I was quite skeptic that this post-it could could do any impact to people, mainly the Egyptians, because my Arabic isn't that great to start with, plus my zero talent in drawing (beside wasting more natural resources) but I decided to go on with it, believing that at least I did something to share the love. So, I tried to post it mostly around the University area, and places where Malaysians student will be around. and yes, I did also wear all my eco-friendly t-shirts to class for the whole week.

I have some other small little tiny project in my head to work on. Including projects which requires a video camera, which I don't have right now, (plus no money for it). So I'll move things that doesn't require money to the top of the list.

Now, here it is. The post-it notes! [sorry for the blurring though, blame the phone camera, =)]

1. Ocean Restaurant.
2. Burj Ma'murah's elevator
3. Along Syari' Zhorif
4. Along the way to kuliyyah tib
5. my room,=D

You can do it too! spread the word! and if you did, do tell me about it!

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  1. kucai,,the post-it-note yg ko paste along the way to kuliyyah tib tu miss the word 'h' dekat earth tu..dah jadi 'eart' pulak ;))

    credits for ur effort!!hoyyeahh..go green.

  2. wahh, teliti ko weyh!heheh.=D
    bagus2, tapi dah tak perasan. nasib boleh faham lagi kan.

    yeah!go go green!