Monday, April 26, 2010

comfort zone

What? You are not good at Photoshop? First you tell me you don’t like carrying tripods, and then you tell me you don’t like using Photoshop. How about this… Let’s get you a little bit out of your comfort zone, eh? That’s what good friends do right… push you to make yourself better. If you keep doing things you are comfortable with, then you are never going to improve and experience new things, right? So comon… get with it.. Photoshop is great fun.
-Tray Ratcliff
I'll remember this by heart.

plus, I actually did substitute the word 'photoshop' with 'anatomy'. Well, multi-tasking.
and lastly, thanks for actually liking the tiny project that I did for Earth day, go green!. I'll complete some other tiny projects that I have in mind soon. I'll try to make sure not to screw-up the projects like what I did to my stop motion project,( which is still in my head and hardrive).Getting of the comfort zone!

click the mush ma3ul box below if you want me to complete the stop-motion project!

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