Monday, April 19, 2010

paranoia instincts

The time has come for a new beginning!(yes, I am trying to create a little bit of poppycock gimmick). As promised, right after the exam, new layout, new features, and new articles. It's kind of sad to actually delete my previous 243 posts that was written for the past two years this page had been here, but it was a 'cortisol-adrenaline-related-decision' when something bad happen during the exam week, and I actually reacted based on my 'privacy-paranoia' instincts. But I did save the previous posts in a mirror file though! 

Although there were a lot of interesting drama during the pre-exams and post-exams, I did actually took those  stressing moments in an enjoyable way. And thankfully, there was no precious marks being deducted along the way.

The thing about post-exam is, it takes time to bounce back-up to complicated physiology theory of nerve impulse to anatomy of the face. And it becomes harder when we actually made an eye contact with a patient during the practical session, and the patient died right after that in a few hours, right beside you. And to witness a family member going mad towards the hospital staff puts more weight on it. And by not finishing the practical which was my assignment of the week made it much worse.

My overall view of the scene, I wish there was more money allocated on hospitals and clinics in the third world countries in general. I witnessed it myself, a dying patient left at an isolated ward with no patient monitoring devices, no respiratory and cardiac support, and no pain management effort being done. It's like the patient was left there to die. Unless the disease was terminal, but at least, do something about the pain. This is merely an opinion of a second year medical student. And I do believe that something could have been done.

an example of what an ICU should look like, and i assure you, it's way far from this.
photo by:Donald S. Burke, MD's blog

"no is a good word" as what Dr. Dahlia said, I'll keep that in mind.

Lastly, officially, my photoblog is now up and running!
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