Saturday, June 30, 2012

The fact

The fact that, in the exams, 90% of the questions will come out from the accumulation of 5-10% of classes you missed, chapters you didn't manage to read, and pages that you skipped. True story.

The fact that Obs and Gyn essays was so cruel, I cried my skin out trembling for not knowing what to 'shoot'. 

The fact that exams and normal life routine is not compatible. I constantly change my circadian rhythm and study times, daily.   

The fact that I miss writing, as much as going out for a jog or rugby. I think my love handle is turning into a Harley. 

The fact that studying Obs and Gyn eats your soul. Everytime I saw an old lady along the streets, my mind will go like 'menopause, prolapse, senile vaginitis'. Scary.

The fact that Pediatrics exam will be in 4 days, made me cry.

The fact that I even considered putting pediatrics in my specialty list, intrigues me.

The fact that, I realized I'm in the right direction, is such a relief. 

The fact that the exams are coming to an end, plus summer holidays is just around the to'miyyah stall!

And the fact that, the sweetness of honey is rare. Once you found it, treasure it. 

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