Thursday, October 6, 2011

#random - Dr. Zoidberg

I've just realized how travelling 12 hours on a plane with a two year old kid wont be easy, even travelling with three hermit crabs isn't as easy as it sounds, but at least they didn't cry until the whole cabin couldn't sleep. Maybe someday when I have kids on my own, I'll just give 'em a slight dose of cough syrup just to knock the out throughout the flight, hey, I learnt this from my uncles alright, its purely legit. Or maybe not though. Ney I'm just kidding around oh my dear future loving wife, we wont do that to the kids, right?

Pulling an all-nighter before a long journey was a very bad idea. Very bad idea. I left my camera rig, I left my lab coat, I left my bags, I left some toiletries, my magic mouse, my books. All because I was falling dizzy the morning I should've been wide alert. I blame that dragging feeling of the early onset symptom of home-sickness. 

Being in class for the first time after months of zero brain usage is hard. My lecture notes end up being full of question marks, and with all this new abbreviations, it's like CML? AML? ALL? Ph chromosome? and it goes on and on. And then comes the new spirit of 'I need to go home and start to cover all this ASAP' and then I end up sleeping jetlag-ed later on. It happens every semester. 

My new target for the semester was not going to accept any video making projects of any kind. But last night I've just agreed to make a graduation video for an Egyptian school. How nice. You just cant resist the temptation cant you?

It's going to be a few more days until Berjayayouth announce the selected top ten short film, and I hope we're in the list. Not expecting much, but if we didn't get into the list, I'll cry my heart out, bang my head to the floor, all those things.

This guy above, I mean the hermit crab. He tried to run away last night. Like seriously dude, after all we went through? and you tried sneaking out from your home, and how come you never show me that you could even climb that high? you rebellious little cute crab!

One thing which is kind of scary when I got home here in Mansoura was, they were no dust on the mirror table and the book shelf, like someone had been cleaning it for the past few months. Erm, thank you?

Hye, I'm Dr. Zoidberg and I like to eat
"Remembering that I'll be dead soon is the most important tool I've ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life. Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life." - Steve Jobs


  1. "My new target for the semester was not going to accept any video making projects of any kind. But last night I've just agreed to make a graduation video for an Egyptian school."..LOL

  2. ko pkai apa ni? modern giler blog..

  3. @subaili
    haha, terpaksa buat jugak dah orang lain tolak :D

    haa, lawa kan dynamic view?, siap boleh tukar tukar lagi. nanti guna magazine pulak :D

  4. a'ah..lawa..tapi aku baru perasan..sidebar dah list, follow button, archive semua xda...kalau blogger tukar comment system dia lagi elok..buat mcm wordpress..ada button reply..xda la nak kena taip @

  5. mantap lah blog nie.. sampai terasa macam buta IT sekejap.. tak tahu nak tekan mana satu.. hahaha..

  6. @subaili
    haa batul, itu dulu pernah guna third party punya comment plugin, tapi susah jugak nak mantain. haha. ko pun dua dua ada, yang mana satu main blog?

    tak buat apa pun, ni memang template dynamic view blogger tu, try lah! hehe

  7. wordpress punya main..blogger aku jarang bukak