Monday, May 26, 2014

For the happiness of your wife

In the mist of their presidential election, this photo made me smile. A guy with french moustache wearing a helmet and holding a huge spanner with a caption above saying 'for the happiness of your wife' or 'to make your wife happy' (mind my arabic) is something that amazes me. Im not sure if we have an ad like this in Malaysia, we ought to spray 'ubat kuat lelaki' under the bridge or at the bus stop, but this, is amazing.

Sildin, or Sildenafil, you can choose either 100mg or 50mg. Its basically - viagra.

Malaysians, we have that same urge to use it im sure, but because we are all wrapped up in the taboo effect of it, we tend to utilize 'ubat herba untuk lelaki' or 'kopi kuat' masking it with 'tongkat ali dan ginseng'. If you actually research what they put in all that, you'll be suprised to find Sildenafil in all of them, without the precautions and specific dose.

So, erm. Thats all. The moral of the story, everytime you want to take a medicine, even its 'herbal', please consult a pharmacist or doctor near you. Thank you.

*Orang balik mesir asyik jual pil baraka je, aku rasa ada potensi aku jadi dealer sildenafil pulak.


  1. Replies
    1. viagra easier dari chemo to deal with. haha. boleh start survey market price ni.

  2. ada ads mcm tu...dlm paper selalunya...dlm tv xkluar kut.

    1. caption di macam mana? 'anda kuat isteri gembira?' :D

    2. lbh kurang la..kalo make your wife happy...haha