Monday, June 17, 2013


One day, if my son ever asked me,
"Father, will I be able to fly high? up above the sky?"

My answer is yes, son. Yes you can. Everything under the sky is for you to venture. You can definitely fly, but sometimes looking at things closely is better than viewing it from afar up high in the sky. You can fly, but you must also first crawl, walk, run, and swim with the people around you, and when the time comes for you to spread your wings, I ask you to remember one thing; life is not about living alone. Thus, you can try to drag people around you and carry them flying with you, but you'll end up flying low and slow. Teach them how to fly instead, so that you can fly with them,

high up above the sky.

One day, if my daughter ever asked me,
"Father, will I be able to have all the sweets in the world?"

My answer is yes sweetie. Because you're already the sweetest thing in the whole wide world. Sweetness is something you will always look for when your days are gloomy, it is something precious, something rare, for your heart to feel, and Im sure people around you will find it hard to find it too. Thus my daughter, be that sweet little girl you always are, and share that sweetness with the people around you. Something good in abundance will always make you sick, but just that right amount will make you happy and cheerful, strong and beautiful,

just like your mother.

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