Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Procrastinitis: a medical student syndrome.

Procrastinitis, the failure of will power to study.
Procrastination is making a cup of coffee, and adding more hot water afterward because it's too sweet, for the fear of diabetes. Procrastination is opening up facebook, with the initial idea to download notes, but end up stalking people. Procrastination is being in twitter, reading the timeline, finding someone who has the same low level of motivation as yours, and re-tweeting cliche quotes. 

Procrastination is trying to make sense what does accentuated means in cardiology. Starring at the pictures without reading the text. Procrastination is hearing the sound of heart murmur in you tube for countless of times, and not being able to determine where is the murmur. Procrastination is doing mind maps and notes, colorful ones with cartoon characters on the side. Procrastination is not being able to focus.

Procrastination is making a cup of coffee, and finding some snacks to eat with it. Procrastination is the believe that one will never be able to study while eating, and end up with two episodes of Futurama. Procrastination is marking the calendar, circling the exam dates. Procrastination is the feeling of stress, is taking a quick nap, is doing the laundry, is checking your notification, is checking your mentions, is watching videos on you tube, is checking your notifications again. Procrastination is watching videos about procrastination.

Procrastination is trying to find your notes, is searching for chapters to read, is memorizing sign and symptoms. Procrastination is the believe that you are actually studying.

Procrastination, is simply 9gag.

Procrastination is writing this post. Is making a cup of coffee again, and screw the sweetness this time, I need all the glucose for my brain.

footnote: Procrastination, is #cheesy. 


  1. I'm procrastinating now by reading a post about procrastinitis. Tapi minggu depan dah start semster break..hahaha

    1. semester break, woh, procrastinate all we want lah kan, asalkan takda assignment :P
      eh perasan tak, dulu ko kata kalaulah blogger boleh buat reply comment macam wordpress, ni aku baru perasan boleh buat lah :D

    2. ok..dah tau..baru baca blogger buzz..diorang buat improvement kat comment system

  2. procrastinator - i am.

    kenapa saya suka baca blog ni? selamat menulis.


    1. procrastinator - we are. :D

      insyaAllah. Alaikumsalam.